DIY Interactive QR Logos

LabelSmart, our QR Smart Label application, is a DIY “do it yourself” SmartLabel generating website. creates all the Smart Label Initiatives including:

Product information webpage with hosting and editing capabilities.
Standard Smartphone QR Code with ScanLogo
Compliant toll free phone number display included.

LabelSmart automatically maps 100% of the required Smart Label attributes and 90% of the voluntary attributes, removing the need to manually input data.

More robust output
LabelSmart offers an unmatched level of information, generating 1,000’s of information pages, providing the most comprehensive answers to the questions your customers seek.

Rapid turnaround
LabelSmart can turn around your Smart Label pages within 24 hours of product flat submission.
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How it works

LabelSmart’s turnkey solution takes you from package flat to Smart Label compliance in no time.

Step 1: Upload package flats

Brands drag and drop package images into our templates and your LabelSmart webpages are created and mapped accordingly to the Smart Label attributes.

Step 2: Verify digitized input

Brands verify and edit Smart Label webpage and add any desired off-package information.

Step 3: Smart Label landing pages created

LabelSmart automatically builds and maintains your landing pages according to Smart Label specifications. We provide the needed QR code inserted into the logo of choice! Our website does that too!

Extend your marketing beyond the packaging
LabelSmart enables CPG companies to highlight unique selling points and build equity by sharing attributes like growing method, country of origin or additional nutrient information, such as Diabetic Exchanges and Weight Watchers Point Values.

Easily upload information for allergen properties
Account for the allergen properties of ingredients is a challenge. LabelSmart’s Smart Label™ solution prompts ingredient properties, automatically displaying culprit ingredients for the most common food allergens.

QR code to landing page management
LabelSmart’s QR code generator enables you to seamlessly manage your QR Smart Label process from start to finish. You also build and maintain landing pages according to Smart Label specifications with 99.9% uptime.

Start building consumer trust through transparency
Let’s chat! We’ll walk you through a live Smart Label page and run you through the steps needed to get started

Recent Templates
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