QR Smart Label Packaging

LabelSmart & SmartLabel™ Generator                                                                    

Do it yourself,  DIY SmartLabel™ input...like no other!

LabelSmart, our QR SmartLabel™ creator application, is a DIY “do it yourself” SmartLabel™ generating website. LabelSmart creates all the SmartLabel™ Initiatives including:

  1. Product information smartphone webpage with hosting and editing capabilities.
  2. Professional QR Code generation for SmartLabel™ code compliance
  3. Standard download files for print, video and product labels
  4. Standard USDA complaint information templates
  5. Compliant toll free phone number display included.

LabelSmart application is accessed by desktop, smartphone and laptop computer.  BMP is with computer.
LabelSmart application allows multi product mimic webpages; easily change product size, calories or image for each of your products.

More robust output
LabelSmart offers an unmatched level of input information capabilites, generating 1,000’s of mobile information webpages, allowing access to your products' information required for USDA Legislation Law #S-764.

Smart Label Initiative by President Barack OBama excerps...

"USDA must ensure that specified on-package language accompanies electronic or digital link disclosures and telephone number disclosures."

"USDA must also ensure that an electronic or digital link disclosure:

provides access to the disclosure located in a consistent and conspicuous manner on the first product information page that appears, excluding marketing and promotional information;
may not collect, analyze, or sell personally identifiable information about consumers or their devices unless the information is necessary to carry out the bill and is deleted immediately after it is used;
includes a telephone number that provides access to the disclosure; and
is of sufficient size to be easily and effectively scanned or read by a digital device."

Rapid turnaround in Seconds!
LabelSmart App can turn around your SmartLabel™ pages within seconds of product information submission.  Download the QR ScanLogo, send ScanLogo files via email to your label department.  Edit, copy or change information webpage on the fly. 

Its that simple.  1/3 the cost of association labels, the LabelSmart App requires no middle man. 

DIY...Save a bundle year over year PLUS save time, keep calm and Scan into Action.

Extend your marketing beyond the packaging on LabelSmart's uniquely generated mobile information webpage.
LabelSmart enables CPG companies to share specific product attributes and information on the mobile webpage accessed by QR ScanLogos.  

Easily upload information for products' properties
Account for allergens, storage and handling. Include growing method, country of origin or additional nutrient information, calories and ingredients. LabelSmart’s prompts the criteria necessary for USDA, FDA label solutions with input text boxes for all necessary information

QR ScanLogo to landing page management
LabelSmart’s QR code generator enables you to seamlessly manage your QR Smart Label process from start to finish. You also build and maintain landing pages according to USDA FDA specifications with 99.9% uptime.  Copy multiple webpages for all your products; edit and create more Labelsmart information mobile webpages.  Easily change the mobile webpage from your account dashboard

Watch our videos! They'll walk you through a live LabelSmart page generator and show you how easy it is to create a LabelSmart information webpage, generate the QR ScanLogo and download the files to print on your product label.

  • Automatically DIY made QR ScanLogo directed to
  • Dedicated mobile webpage with your product information
  • USDA approved product information mobile webpage includes nutritional, calories, allergens, ingredients, genetic modified info, storage and handlings prompts
  • LabelSmart, QR ScanLogo and product Information webpage are created simultaneously
  • All members receive licensure for use of ScanLogos. Yearly rates are $299 includes QR code ScanLogo,mobile product information webpage and files to print to your labels
  • Set it and forget it... for all your personal, medicinal, food, pet, cleaning & pesticide products.
  • Create QR ScanLogo printable labels, USDA information webpage
  • Edit, copy, and create your USDA LabelSmart action webpage from our cloud based dashboard
  • All members must create NowQR account, where you can access all of your LabelSmart and ScanLogo files

LabelSmart’s turnkey solution takes you from package flat to USDA FDA compliance in no time.

Step 1: Upload package flats

Brands drag and drop package images into our templates and your LabelSmart webpages are created and mapped accordingly to the LabelSmart attributes.

Step 2: Verify product input

Brands verify and edit LabelSmart webpage and add any desired off-package information NO CHARGE FOR EDITING..

Step 3: LabelSmart landing pages created

LabelSmart automatically builds and maintains your landing pages according to USDA FDA specifications.

NowQR app provide the needed QR code inserted into the logo of choice! 




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