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How it works

Sign up and access our dashboard that will store all free qr codes ScanLogos, mobile webpage creator and editor.

Step 1: Choose your mobile website template action page

We have eight 'call to action' templates.  Each template is built for a mobile webpage. Choose the action you want from your customer... Call, email, watch, buy, donate, listen, contact, order etc.

Step 2: Upload message into action box

We provide an action box that can be used to place images, forms, or advertisements that are seen on the crossover webpage connecting the ScanLogo to your information page... use your html skills here, just like any other webpage but with more features!

Step 3: Choose an action domain url landing page and keyword input

We have assembled awesome domain names that you can choose from...all are action affiliated; NowBUY, NowHelp, GiveNow, ScanNow, PizzaQR, HotQR, RealEstateQR, ActNow, MiQR, NowWatch, and many others that you can select.  No need for a domain from GoDaddy. We have you covered with keyword inputs, action domain names and QR ScanLogos;


NowQR automatically builds and maintains your landing page according to mobile webpage specifications. Next step is to generate the ScanLogo. We provide the needed QR code inserted into the ScanLogo of your choice. Our website does that too! 

Building the QR ScanLogo is actually really fun to do.  Grab an image or picture, choose a ScanLogo, click the create QR code and place the QR code anywhere in the image box.  Add text lines, choose your fonts, colors and sizes. Remember to test your ScanLogo with your smartphone scanner to make sure it is properly sized, colored and directed to your webpage. 

Do not worry if you make a mistake, all ScanLogos come with first two months free.  Edit, change, copy or delete at anytime.  QR ScanLogos do have an expiration date after two months, but do not worry, you can pay monthly or yearly for each ScanLogo.  Turn them off, turn them on, pay for only the months that you want.  You will always have an account at NowQR!  Go away for 11 months, come back and turn your QR ScanLogo back on by paying for the next 30 days! 

Reminder emails are sent to you before each QR ScanLogo and mobile website are turned off.  Come back anytime and turn them on again.  Thanks to our sponspers' advertisements, they help keep our cost low and we pass the savings on to you when your crossover page is utilized. Shop with our promo codes on Amazon Clearance Warehouse Outlet Site using ScanLogos affiliate promo code.

NowQR is the ultimate mobile website creator... and if you do not need a website, direct the QR ScanLogo to your url destination.  Create your free qr code, scanlogo and mobile crossover website directed to your web address.  All this is free for you, and sponsered by our advertisers on the crossover page.  

Extend your marketing beyond with our ScanLogo Crossover Application
ScanLogos can be place on television, computer screens and all print media.  Any flat surface that can handle a 300x300 pixel image can be scanned with smartphone and access the internet.

Easily upload information webpage. 
From our cloud based dashboard, members can easily create, edit, copy their mobile webpage.  Members can download, print and email their ScanLogos.  One ScanLogo to hundreds can be created in each members account.  

QR code to landing page management
ScanLogos' QR code generator enables you to seamlessly manage your crossover application process from start to finish. You also build and maintain landing pages according to ScanLogos' specifications with 99.9% uptime.  And by being a member of NowQR, your qr code is safely maintained for the benefit of both the member and the scanner of the QR code.

Start building consumer trust with transparent information about your product, non profit or company
Watch our videos below, and see how easy it is to make a QR ScanLogo and action mobile webpage now.

Recent Templates
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Click on image to scan QR code
Click on image to scan QR code
Click on image to scan QR code
Click on image to scan QR code
Click on image to scan QR code
Click on image to scan QR code
Click on image to scan QR code